Friday, 22 June 2018

Hairy Tribbing

Gripping onto the roof, Flora lifts her body up for Thais to grab her thighs and press her face and mouth hard against her open wet vulva.
Licking, sucking and grinding each other, Flora and Thais experiment until they bring each other to intense orgasms. Exploring their slender bodies, hairy bushes and pert breasts they push each other hard for the best climax they can get!

Thursday, 21 June 2018


Undressing her slender, athletic body Alyssa effortlessly seduces as she moves around in the soft light from the roof top windows.
Slipping her pink denim hot pants over her perfectly formed bum she fully exposes her toned legs and trimmed patch of dark pubic hair. Running her hands over and down her body Alyssa explores her pink vulva as she pushes her fingers into her wetness.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Camping Girls

A shoot of especial loveliness, three beautiful models in beautiful surroundings, we enjoy, as they enjoy, indeed revel in riverine frolics. A splendid accompaniment and complement to the fine imageset, from the hilarious backstage through the delights that unfurl and reveal themselves in the main. The river scenes featuring Charlotte and Joanna and their subsequent вЂ˜sharing’ of their cool watery pleasures with Juliette as she lies unsuspecting on the riverbank being of particular note in a video replete with such joys.
Patience admirably and eloquently captures all the fun and frolics that make this such a delight to watch and listen to and for that my thanks are due to her as they are to the team Charlotte, Joanna and Juliette.

Monday, 18 June 2018


The world over men (and no doubt some women) are anxiously awaiting more of this lovely young lady. Count me in, can't wait. A suggestion for the crew, while walking across the bridge was a great opportunity for a naughty peek up Harper's dress. Just a thought.... Love the panties, very sexy, and of course it's what's in them that counts.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Full Bush

Running her fingers through her thick black pubic hair, Lina spreads her labia wide, as she suggestively moves her fingers around her open vagina.
Undressing her natural and hairy body, Lina exposes her full, pert breasts and tufts of dark underarm hair. Showing off her fun and open personality, Lina shares her talent for art and her favorite silver dildo!
I'm looking forward to this lady. Beautiful, great smile, love the curves she has. Hairy in the right places.
Wow, Lina is incredibly sexy! I love her vibrant, fun personality and everything about her is beautiful. Her bright, sparkling smile lights up the room and her luscious curves, perfect boobs and lush pubic hair are quintessentially Abby. It's great that she spends most of the video sharing masturbation stories, from her first experimentations to a sexuality workshop where she and a room full of other women masturbated together (AW shoot idea?). Of course, the video climaxes with her using her dildo to a breathtaking orgasm. I dearly hope she'll be back for many more adventures. I have a feeling the other Abby models would line up to spend some quality time with her...

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Red Pubes

Vivacious red head Lacie and the gorgeously sexual Carian come together for a stunning and passionate girl-girl.
Lacie's amazing slim, petite, pale body and pert large breasts run against Carian's toned figure as the get more and more intimate with each other on the sofa, illuminated by the light streaking through the net curtains behind.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Remie & Livia

Slowly approaching Remie, Livia flirts her way close to her as we observe from a distance. As they begin to caress themselves, they can't help but tour their bodies with their hands, lifting their summer dresses as they passionately kiss.
Positioning herself on top of Remie, Livia unveils her full bush and offers it to Remie as she moves her tongue all around her hairy vulva. Taking off Remie's panties, Livia kisses her foot as her hand squeezes Remie's breasts and the other gently spreads Remie's vulva apart, getting ready to finger her vigorously as she moans in pleasure.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Hairbrush Insertion

Lifting the eyes of her book, Elsa smiles as she slowly uncrosses her legs letting us catch a glimpse of her girly panties. Standing up, Elsa takes off her top and unzips her tight skirt, letting it falls to the floor down her long legs.
Laying in bed completely naked, Elsa begins to caress herself, rubbing her fingers against her clit before reaching out to her thick hairbrush, aiming it at her shaved vulva she firmly pushes it in as she begins to masturbate. Taking out her collection of sex toys, Elsa grabs them one by one and continues to stimulate herself until she reaches a powerful orgasm.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Lesbian kissing flirting and sex

Movie night with the girls; it sounds good before you've even seen the first image and it really does not disappoint. I don't really know how much of the film actually got watched but these four really couldn't keep there eyes off one another. Starting off with innocent flirting and seductive playfulness Priya, Leandra, Twyla and Natalja entwine themselves on both the floor and sofa of the apartment. The sexual tension gets built up too much for Twyla and she sneaks out of the room, and into the bathroom to relieve herself of some pent up sexual energy, only to get caught in the act by Natalja!
Priya and Leandra also start to feel the need to blow off some steam and drag each other into the kitchen, where they feverishly start to take the remaining items of clothing off each other. Priya's dark slim body perfectly compliments the smooth light skin of Leandra as the rub up against each other, grabbing each others breasts.
Back in the room it's three to one, with the Natalja the only one with any remaining clothes, but it doesn't take the other girls long to make it a solid 4 out of 4! It's an action packed shoot with a beautiful mix of gorgeous girls.


Lifting her loose skirt, Anastasia smiles as she shows us her panties. With a couple of fingers, Anastasia pulls the fabric of her panties aside, revealing her vulva and as she spreads her meaty lips apart before she strips down completely.
Laying naked in her yoga mat, Anastasia begins her stretching routine by spreading her legs wide up in the air as her hands aims for her vulva, caressing herself before inserting her fingers and masturbating until orgasm.